G. Edward Griffin to speak in Thousand Oaks Thursday, Nov. 16, at 7 p.m.

November 16, 2017

Want to “follow the money”?
And look behind the curtain?
If so, come November 16!

We invite you to join us Thursday, Nov. 16, to hear

G. Edward Griffin

Author:  The Creature From Jekyll Island
(Just who, or what, is that “Creature”?)
Topic:  “The World and (almost) Everything In It”

G. Edward Griffin is a writer, documentary film producer,
and founder of Freedom Force International.  Listed in
Who’s Who in America,
he is well known because of his
talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them
in clear terms that all can understand.

Mr. Griffin last spoke to us way back in 2012, and we’ve been
trying ever since to find a date when he was available — in
among his many speaking tours — to speak again.

Finally we have a date — and we don’t want you to miss it!!!

If you’ve heard him speak before, you’ll want an update!
If you haven’t heard him before, you are in for a treat!

We are very fortunate to have him, especially because he usually commands a high ticket price for his speeches. But we are offering his presentation locally free of charge.

RSVP — Please let us know you’re coming so we’re sure to have enough chairs set up!

Date:  Thursday, November 16
Time6:45  p.m. Social time —–  Meeting time – 7:00 – 9:00

Place:  2697 Lavery Court, Calvary Chapel Sanctuary — Newbury Park

(Please look for our American flag standing  outside & our Thousand Oaks Tea Party sign so you won’t disturb another group.)

Map to 2697 Lavery Ct.


Michael Boldin presents “NULLIFICATION: the Rightful Remedy”

July 14, 2012

We invite you to join us for a very special program on Thursday, July 19 at 7 pm in Newbury Park* when . . .

Michael Boldin, executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, will present the new documentary he co-produced:  NULLIFICATION, the Rightful Remedy.

This new documentary couldn’t be more timely!   Conservatives everywhere, after the Supreme Court’s “tax” ruling on July 28,  are calling on people to do what Founding Fathers like Jefferson and Madison advised:  look to our states to protect our liberty against an out-of-control federal government (and courts).

Dr. Walter E. Williams said July 5, “I think the American citizens ought to press their state governors and legislators just to nullify the law — just … say, “The citizens of such-and-such-a state don’t have to obey ObamaCare because it’s unconstitutional, regardless of what the Supreme Court says.”

And Sen. Jim DeMint said July 28, “I urge every governor to stop implementing the health care exchanges that would help implement the harmful effects of this misguided law. …”

Governors such as Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal and Florida’s Rick Scott say they won’t implement the health care exchanges.

An article in the American Spectator said the states are “our last best hope.”

And the National Review tells us that against ObamaCare, “Governors and state legislatures are the real heroes in this fight.”

If you want to learn what you can do right NOW (even in liberal California) to follow this advice, don’t miss our Special Screening of this explosive new documentary film.

You’ll learn the Constitutional and historic basis for the states standing up for your rights.

And we’ll have a special Q&A to highlight things you can do right now!

The film is just 90 minutes, but packed full of information.

If Rachel Maddow, Esquire Magazine, and other leading Leftists call the Tenth Amendment Center and the Nullification movie dangerous, then you know it’s good!

RSVP — please let us know you’re coming so we’re sure to have enough chairs — send email to cguillot@roadrunner.com

Address:  2697 Lavery Ct., #16 or #17, Newbury Park (Calvary Chapel)
Map to Calvary Chapel

Sen. Tom Coburn speaks about Newt Gingrich

November 15, 2011

Please come . . .

Thurs., Nov. 17 – 7:00 p.m. – Newbury Park (address below):

Video:   Breach of Trust:  How Washington
Turns Outsiders Into Insiders*

Tea Party favorite Sen. Tom Coburn speaks to CSPAN’s Brian Lamb about his six years in the House of Representatives (1995-2001) after the “Contract With America” finally brought the GOP a majority in Washington.

But it didn’t turn out as he and the other GOP Freshmen expected.

You will see how seeds were planted then that grew into the birth of the Tea Party movement

Hear Coburn evaluate Newt Gingrich‘s leadership as Speaker of the House.

You likely won’t hear this information anywhere else.

These facts will play an important role in our selection of a true
Tea Party-principled candidate for President.

We mustn’t let this happen again.

*  This is the title of Tom Coburn’s book, published in 2003.
The interview took place soon after its publication.

Thurs. Nov. 17, 7:00 p.m. – 2697 Lavery Ct., #18, NPk (Calvary Chapel)
Map to Calvary Chapel

For more information send email to cguillot@roadrunner.com

No Smart Meters & No DREAM Act in CA

November 3, 2011

Newsletter of Nov. 3, 2011

This is a short newsletter — just 2 Action items.
Both are critical for ALL OF US to do.

With OWS in the media daily, people are asking “Where is the Tea Party?”

These Action items accomplish much more than waving signs on street corners.

And time is short!!!

Please respond to this email to let me know what you will do.

Then we can tell everyone how active and important
the Tea Party Movement is in our part of California.
That we WILL make a difference!!!


Action Item 1:

Patriots nationwide are taking action to stop the installation of Smart Meters.

Why?  Because they are concerned about risks to their health and the environment, and about privacy and control of personal energy usage.  The PUC is currently deciding the fate of an “Opt-Out” potential.  To date, there is NO opt-out.  Thousand Oaks is scheduled for Smart Meter installation in the second quarter of 2012!!!  Therefore,
it behooves us all to call or write City Council to “opt out” of this program, which other cities, counties and states have already done.

–Call City Council at 805-449-2121 or write them at city@toaks.org.   They need to hear from massive numbers of us for them to take our request seriously.  Ask them to take a stand in protecting residents’ health, safety and privacy by writing a letter to the CPUC asking for an opt-out of the wireless Smart Meter program and instead provide a safe, wired meter.

–After that, call SCE at 800-810-2369 to get on their “Delay Installation List.”  They’ll ask you to write a note to put on your meter saying “I have requested to be on the Delay List.  Don’t install a Smart Meter.”  They will send you a yellow tag to put on your meter that says the same thing .

–Connie Hudson (who spoke to us at our Sept. 15 Tea Party meeting) said about the Press Release below:  “Hoping to hear Edison will be doing it too, soon.”  Connie says we must alert more people to the urgent need to call SCE to opt-out.  Door hangers are being made that contain instructions and the opt-out phone number.  When they are ready she needs volunteers to hang them on doors in neighborhoods near where you live.  Please let me know if you will help.


Action Item 2:

From California TeaPartyPatriots:


Tim Donnelly (Calif. Assemblyman) was on the John & Ken Show to announce that the Referendum to repeal the DREAM Act has been approved by the Secretary of State.  Petitions are being printed and will be available for signature gatherers (all of us) starting Tuesday, Nov. 1.

We need 505,000 valid signatures by Jan. 5.  That sounds like a lot and it is, but 7000 Californians have already signed up to collect signatures at www.StopAB131.com

If everyone collects 100 signatures, we will hit our goal easily and this repeal will goon the Nov 2012 ballot, 2 months before Jerry Brown’s Nightmare law would take effect.

Keep in mind, 80-90% of Californians were and are against giving tens of millions of scarce tax dollars to adult ILLEGAL aliens in the form of public grants to attend college.  This is above and beyond the in-state tuition that illegal aliens already get.  That means there are at least 15 million Californians who will want to sign this petition.  Easy picken’s!

We will start collecting signatures this week out in front of grocery stores, Walmarts, Lowes, and other large stores and shopping centers.  If everyone reading this email collects 100 signatures, we win and We the People will send Brown and his corrupt political amigos a message they will never forget:   DON’T TREAD ON US!

*        *         *         *         *

Please respond to this email to …
Let me know if you will help get signatures to stop the DREAM Act.

Would you like to get signatures outside
Whole Foods?
Trader Joe’s?
Another location?


Our regular meetings:

Please calendar2nd & 3rd Thursdays of the month.

Nov. 10Book Club: The Creature From Jekyll Island.  Our own Mary N. will lead our discussion this month, outlining each chapter in Sec. 4, to analyze the thesis of each.  7:00 to 9:00 p.m. – Calvary Chapel–Newbury Park.

Nov. 17
Video/Speaker ClubBreach of Trust:  How Washington Turns Outsiders Into Insiders – author (now Senator) Tom Coburn speaks to CSPAN’s Brian Lamb about his six years in the House of Representatives after the Contract With America brought the GOP a welcome majority. (2003).  Important Tea Party lessons here for choosing candidates in Election 2012.

    Tom A. Coburn, a congressional maverick who kept his promise to serve three terms and then leave Washington, offers a candid look at the inner workings of Congress-why the system changes politicians instead of vice versa. Breach of Trust shows readers, through shocking behind-the-scenes stories, why Washington resists the reform our country desperately needs and how they can make wise, informed decisions about current and future political issues and candidates. This honest and critical look at “business as usual” in Congress reveals how and why elected representatives are quickly seduced into becoming career politicians who won’t push for change. Along the way, Coburn offers readers realistic ideas for how to make a difference.

June 23 – Caleb Yee – 1st High School Tea Party!

June 20, 2011

Invite friends, neighbors, and students to come hear Caleb!

Thurs., June 23, 7:00 p.m.

Location:  Calvary Chapel, 2697 Lavery Court, Suite 18…See map here

Caleb spoke at the Tea Party Patriots SUMMIT in Phoenix and was the most dynamic speaker of the entire Conference!!!

Inform, Educate and Ignite —  that’s Caleb’s goal.

It’s amazing, hearing such proclamations of Love of Liberty and Country coming from such a young man!
Where did he get it — from his parents?
Meet his parents, too!!!
Caleb’s parents are willing to drive him here, all the way from  Hacienda Heights.
They love him to spread the word about preserving our freedom!
And he’s excited about getting young people involved in saving our country!
Bring your children and grandchildren — they’ll be cheering with us!
–Come hear how he organized the very first High School Tea Party.
–He’ll suggest how we can find young people in our area to get involved…
….after all, we’re working to save this country for them! ….  Do they realize it?

Newsletter of June 9, 2011

June 10, 2011

Economist Walter Williams recalls John Adams saying,
“A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom,
can never be restored.  Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.

Williams warns,I am all too afraid that’s where our nation
stands today and
the blame lies with the American people.”

The Tea Party Movement is about restoring that Liberty!!!

Dear Tea Party – 9.12 Members:

See details below about :


  • June 23 – Caleb Yee ………………………………………….. 1
  • July 14 – Book Club – The Creature……………………….. 2


  • Nullify NOW (May 28) ………………………………………… 3
  • Redistricting meeting – June 10, 9:00 a.m. on line ….. 4


  • T O Blvd  – comments through July 11…………………….. 5
  • Agenda 21 – Ventura County ………………………………… 6
  • Debt Ceiling  – stay tuned………………………………………. 7
  • Write letters, talk to people …………………………………… 8


  • Tim Pawlenty’s Plan …………………………………………….. 9
  • Zap ObamaCare, but how? …………………………………… 10

==== 1 ================

June 23
:  Caleb Yee’s 1st High School Tea Party!

Please note:  this date has been changed to June 23
So … we have  2  more weeks to invite friends, neighbors, and students to come hear him!

Thurs., June 23, 7:00 p.m.

Location:  Calvary Chapel, 2697 Lavery Court, Suite 18…See map here

Caleb spoke at the Tea Party Patriots SUMMIT in Phoenix and was
the most dynamic speaker of the entire Conference!!!

Inform, Educate and Ignite —  that’s Caleb’s goal.

It’s amazing, hearing such proclamations of Love of Liberty and Country coming from such a young man!
Where did he get it — from his parents?
Meet his parents, too!!!
Caleb’s parents are willing to drive him here, all the way from Hacienda Heights.
They love him to spread the word about preserving our freedom!
And he’s excited about getting young people involved in saving our country!
Bring your children and grandchildren — they’ll be cheering with us!
–Come hear how he organized the very first High School Tea Party.
–He’ll suggest how we can find young people in our area to get involved…
….after all, we’re working to save this country for them! ….  Do they realize it?

==== 2 =================

BOOK CLUB . . . 2d Thursdays, 7 p.m.

Next —  We’ll learn about . . .  The   C r e a t u r e

July 14The Creature From Jekyll Island* by G. Edward Griffin (spoke 4/15 at our Tea Party)
This book begins like a mystery novel, telling how the Federal Reserve System was created.
The author is known for his ability to take a complex subject and make it easy to understand.
(*We have three more $25 books we’ll sell at a discount)

Location:  Calvary Chapel, 2697 Lavery Ct., #18.  For more information and to join:

==== 3 ==================

REPORTS  . . .  Nullify NOW Conference

May 28 — downtown L.A.

Sitting in the Penthouse suite atop the ATT building, nearly two dozen of us joined people of all ages from many different groups to hear an impressive lineup of speakers during the Nullify NOW Conference.  It was the last stop of the Tenth Amendment Center’s nation-wide tour.
Did you know the famous “Supremacy Clause” of the Constitution is widely misinterpreted and therefore misunderstood?  According to our Founding document, States must comply with federal laws, but only if those laws are in accordance with the Constitution!!!  As Art. VI, Clause 2 says:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof … shall be the supreme Law of the Land …

That is the basic concept of Nullification, along with the Ninth and Tenth Amendments (States’ rights).  And that is just one of hundreds of important facts we learned from 5-10 p.m., while, as a backdrop to the speakers, the sun set in a clear sky, casting a glow on the skyscrapers beyond. During breaks, patriotic rock music attracted the younger set (intended as a draw to hook them — as we ourselves are hooked — to rescuing our country) while others browsed at less-boisterous booths in the adjoining similarly glass-encased room in the penthouse.

Hear what our members had to say about the conference:

David Stewart said “It was almost a trans-formative experience for me.  It caused me to think about many things I have only recently begun to consider.  The most overwhelming was the concept of the US Empire as successor to the British Empire and how we are now in the stages of the crumbling of that empire.”

The concept of US Empire was clarified in a handout:  “For years conservatives have been bemoaning the growth and escalating power of Big Government — its intrusiveness, its arrogance, its cost.  Yet there is one aspect of creeping statism that has somehow escaped their attention, and their anger:  the growth of an American overseas empire.  America in 2011 has troops in 135 countries, and maintains a web of bases that rings the globe,” including forces in Korea and in Japan and Germany leftover from WWII.

Peggy Christensen said “I learned that nullification may be one of the really powerful tools for restoring liberty in our lifetime and I am eager to expand my knowledge on the topic.”

According to C.J. Kallis, “One of the best quotes from the Nullify NOW conference was when Thomas Woods proclaimed nullify to be: ‘When all three branches of government betray us, the states are duty-bound to resist’.  This really rang true for me. … I believe one of the greatest fruits of the past two years, and certainly the 2010 elections, was that the states are suddenly coming to the fore and finding their voice in opposition to a wildly overreaching federal government.”

Stewart said he was so inspired by Thomas Woods that he bought all three of his books and “has already made major headway into one of them.”

Kallis was impressed by Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers. “He spoke…

(Continued at bottom.)

==== 4 ==================

REPORTS . . . in Ventura County  –  Redistricting

From Ventura County GOP – 5/31:

On Thursday, 5/26, the Coalition of Suburban Communities for Fair Representation presented maps to the Redistricting Commission in Northridge. The maps presented were in line with our goal of keeping the eastern portion of Ventura County together. They were also consistent with linking an east Ventura County area to Santa Clarita to gain required population. The maps kept cities and communities whole and met the requirements of the redistricting commission. Scott Wilk’s presentation was well received.

At this time, we are waiting for the first draft maps to be released. The commission has been giving direction to staff for drawing lines for that first draft. Between now and June 10 the commission will finalize and release the maps.

If you are interested in watching this process from home, you can tune in on the website www.wedrarthelines.ca.gov.

In the meantime, we want to show our support for this plan. You can check out the maps at www.suburbancommunities.org and sign the support page, which will send the letter directly to the commission showing your support for the plan.  Take a minute and sign this page and show the Commission support for the plan.

==== 5 ===================

ACTIVISM . . .  in Thousand Oaks – The Boulevard

Our next Local project will concern Redevelopment of T.O. Blvd.  The lengthy EIR is posted on the City’s website here.  Public comments on technicalities in the report will be accepted from now through July 11.  We know an expert or two who are reviewing it.
Does this concern you?  To be on a special email list to keep abreast of developments, contact me.
Articles can be found in the Acorn of June 2 and June 9 and the Star of May 31.
At issue:  Buildings currently limited to a height of 35 feet could be approved for a “maximum average height of 55 feet, the equivalent of four stories” or reach as tall as 75 feet if “property owners agreed to make certain public improvements.”  This will impact traffic, parking, density, water, noise, light, aesthetics and economics (small Mom & Pop businesses would likely be forced out, due to certain increased rent and taxes)
What the articles don’t say is that residents surveyed in late 2009 said they don’t want tall buildings
on Thousand Oaks Blvd.  (Start with 10/29/09 article, then 11/12/09.)

==== 6 ==================

ACTIVISM  . . .  in Ventura County – “Agenda 21” . . .

Tea Parties across the country are taking action against the anti-private property arrangement called “Agenda 21,” also known as “Sustainable Development” and “Smart Growth”  — nice sounding names, familiar to many of you, which have been given to freedom-robbing programs.
Victories to date:  Contracts with ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) have been revoked in Carroll County, MD; Amador County, CA; Montgomery County, PA; Edmond, OK; Las Cruces, NM; and Spartanburg, SC.  Anti-ICLEI battles are taking place in Titusville, FL; Cleveland, TN; and Charlotesville, VA.

A 2009 list of more than 500 ICLEI cities shows that almost 150 of them are in CA, including Ventura and Moorpark, but not Thousand Oaks.  But, because terms like “Sustainable Development” are used often in T.O., it’s likely Ventura County is a member of ICLEI, which would incorporate all of its cities.
To acquaint yourself with the dangerous details of “Sustainable Development,” you might start with “Taking Agenda 21 to the Tea Party,” written by Tom DeWeese of American Policy Center who was a guest on a recent Tea Party Patriots weekly conference call.  I’ve been reading his materials for many years and highly recommend him.
Recent meetings have been held in Simi Valley, Oxnard and Ventura.  Keep tuned for the announcement of the next meeting.  Activist Molly Jenkins generated 200 people to flood the Edmond, OK city council meeting to demand action against ICLEI, and it will likely take that many people to have the desired effect here.  You are needed to help stop the effects of Agenda 21 in Ventura County!!!

==== 7 ====================

ACTIVISM . . . in U.S. – Debt Ceiling

Although there was a vote on the Debt Ceiling May 30, it was nothing more than political posturing so that the Republicans could show their strength for when the time comes to make a deal.

We’ve seen how those deals end up for the American people. (Remember the Continuing Resolution “Deal” that was supposed to cut $38.5 Billion, but when all was said and done only cut $352 Million?)

We must remain engaged when the fight resumes. Stay tuned.  Our credit card is maxed out and it is time make serious changes to bring our fiscal house in order.

When the time comes we will be reminding our Representatives to Hold Firm on the Debt Ceiling.  We must not let them think the Tea Party has gone away — we’ve learned the GOP Leadership is telling them not to listen to the Tea Party anymore, since they want them to relax and not Hold Firm.

We are working with Tea Party Patriots on this issue.

==== 8 ====================

. . . where you live – Spreading the Word

Write letters to the Acorn, Star, etc. about
(1) the Tea Party is stronger than ever, doing more activism now than rallies;
(2) we must not raise the Debt Ceiling (see just above for details); (3)to prevent Entitlements from collapsing, they must be reformed.

Talk about the Tea Party Movement whenever you are . . .

  • standing in lines at the grocery store
  • working out at the gym
  • attending meetings.
  • talking on the phone

==== 9 ===========================

ARTICLE . . . Tim Pawlenty

I was cool on Pawlenty until I heard his Plan to revive the U.S economy.  See what you think.

Excerpts from the article:

  • Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty laid out an economic vision for America on Tuesday that would cut taxes and dramatically reduce the size and scope of government operations.
  • Among his more novel ideas: If you can find it on Google, the government shouldn’t be doing it.
  • “We can start by applying what I call ‘The Google Test.’ If you can find a good or service on the Internet, then the federal government probably doesn’t need to be doing it,” Pawlenty said.
  • Among the services he would cut: Amtrak, the U.S. Postal Service, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the Government Printing Office.
  • Pawlenty said those organizations “were all built for a time in our country when the private sector did not adequately provide those products. That’s no longer the case.”
  • Interpreted broadly, the test could spell the end of federal involvement in the storage of nuclear waste, environmental clean-up efforts and disaster relief — all services that a Google search reveals are offered by private sector firms.
  • “I guess it’s an interesting strategy,” said Craig Jennings, director of federal fiscal policy at OMB Watch, a budget watchdog group. “You could probably find private investigators, so let’s get rid of the FBI, and there are labs that do food inspections, so let’s eliminate federal food inspectors.”

==== 10 ==========================

ARTICLE . . . Zap ObamaCare, but how?

Which is better:  Nullification or Health Care Compacts?


I’ll see you  . . .
6/23 – Speaker Caleb Yee – dynamo!
7/14 – Book Club – the Creature!

I’ll look for your letters in the Acorn and Star – please send me a copy

Do you think we need a button or a hat to wear?


====== Completion of Nullify NOW report, from above ========

 …in light of the disastrous Indiana Supreme Court ruling that makes it illegal to resist when police, SWAT, or other entities enter your home without a warrant, basically unannounced.  This very scenario was recently played out in Tucson when an over-zealous SWAT team de facto invaded and then shot to death an Iraq war vet…no questions asked!  This is chilling to say the least.  Rhodes went on to say that he and Oath Keepers were going to have a presence and protest in Tucson and then take it to Indiana after that.  Truly exemplary.”  Kallis wishes he could participate in both of those protests.
Christina Powers said one of her favorite quotes that summarized the evening is “attributed to two famous men from very different points of view, Alexander Hamilton and Malcolm X:  ‘Those that would stand for nothing, will fall for anything.’ ”  She said this “illustrates that truth is timelessand will always stand by itself, it needs no defense.”
Powers was impressed by those in attendance at the conference, saying “the most surprising thing for me was the wide variety of people and issues that came together to agree on the most fundamental issues that effect everyone, Freedom and Personal Responsibility.”

Stewart said what most impressed him was the number of young people there.  “I am so used to seeing mostly all old people at our events and yet it is [the young people’s] world that needs saving, not mine.”.

Powers concluded “We may all disagree on what Liberty is for us individually but we are living under an increasing degree of tyranny at the hands of those who have pledged to defend the liberties they are usurping! They claim it is for our own good and safety but we all know that those that would give up their freedom/liberty for a false sense of security, deserve neither.”

In summary, Kallis said “the program was absolutely inspiring and a catalyst for further action to reclaim our nation from those who would seek its demise.

If many people support the Tenth Amendment Center, Nullify NOW will return next year, with another lineup of interesting speakers.  They are raising funds now to produce materials and further events.  If you would like to know more about them, so you might call yourself a “Tenther,” visit http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2011/06/02/eight-hours-for-liberty/ .

We in the Thousand Oaks Tea Party are studying the Constitution and books by authors such as Thomas Woods in our book club so that we can work knowledgeably to return our country to its constitutional foundation, thus preserving (and restoring) our liberties.


April 9, 2011

Friday, April 15  —–  4:00 -7:00 p.m.
Main Post Office, 3435 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.  Map here

Ohhh, do we have a treat for you ! ! !


G. Edward Griffin – author, Creature From Jekyll Island *
Pr. Rob McCoy – will connect history to current events
Doctors from our Panel – current health care dilemmas
Other speakers being finalized

Patriotic Music!   Flags!   Signs!   Costumes!

Harry Reid says the Tea Party is dead!
Nancy Pelosi says she hopes it is!
Are they right?
Let’s prove they are DEAD WRONG!!!
Let’s show Thousand Oaks the Tea Party is here to stay!

Let’s make this our biggest Tea Party ever!!!

This is our Third Annual Tax Day Tea Party!
Third Timers – come get recognized at the stage!!!
Second Timers – we’ll recognize you too!
Written a letter? Or come to a public meeting?  – we’ll recognize you too!

Please bring your children and grandchildren, and their friends!  They are our FUTURE!

Bring flags!

Bring signs appropriate to our issues!

Wear costumes representing original Boston Tea Party!

* A Real Deal:
Buy Ed Griffin’s book, Creature From Jekyll Island, at a discount, yes, from $25 to $15.  If we get 20 people who reply they want it, we’ll buy a case of 24.  He’s agreed to autograph it for you!  What a treat!!!
Send email to tell me you want one.

Our Tea Party FLYER is ready but the link isn’t working
Reply to this email and I’ll forward you our Flyer to print.
Print, then give to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

T.O. Acorn 4/7/11 –  “Tea partiers will host rally for Tax Day.” See article here

More sign suggestions
Remember your promises — WE DO!
Stop spending our grandchildren’s FUTURE
EXTREME spending requires EXTREME CUTS!
Time to Reform MEDICARE
Time to Reform MEDICAID

Have more sign suggestions?  Let us know what they are!

Helpers needed
please let us know if you can help

Parking suggestion:
From T.O. Blvd, on Duesenberg Dr., drive north one long block to
Clear Water St. and turn right into the residential neighborhood.
We don’t want anyone getting a ticket for parking during the wrong hours.

Contact us for more information:
Subject line:  TAX DAY TEA PARTY

We look forward to seeing you there!!!