Cap and Trade Talking Points

Big Government is Getting Bigger, Not Better

Spending, Spending, Spending: 

Continuing a spending spree started by a Republican President, and a Democratic Congress, the current Administration has spent trillions of dollars so far and we are setting new records for debt every day. 

Cap and Trade regulation is a multi-billion dollar government program, which will crush an already embattled private sector economy, while the government continues to grow on the backs of its weary citizens.

 Cap and Trade – For Which You Will Pay, Pay, Pay

 When all the energy, consumer goods and tax impacts have been added up, the average per-family-of-four cost of living rises by $2,979 per year. The costs per family for the whole energy tax aggregated from 2012 to 2035 are $71,493. 

Cap and Trade Kills Jobs: Over the 2012-2035 timeline, job losses will average over 1.1 million. Particularly hit hard are sectors of the economy that are very energy-intensive: Manufacturers, farmers, construction, machinery, electrical equipment and appliances, transportation, textiles, paper products, chemicals, plastics and rubbers, and retail trade would face staggering employment losses as a result of proposed global warming legislation.

 Cap and Trade Destroys Our Economy:  Just about everything we do and produce uses energy. As energy prices increase, those costs will be passed onto the consumer and reflected in the higher prices we pay for products. Higher energy prices will cause reduced income, less production and an economy that falls way short of its potential. The increase in family-of-four debt, solely because of the cap and trade bill passed in the House, hits an almost unbelievable $114,915 by 2035.

 Cap and Trade Comes Into Your Home:  The federal government is going to tell you what light bulbs you must buy, and how energy efficient your own home must be.  They are attempting to make sure you can no longer afford to drive your SUV, truck or RV.  They need to get out of our individual choices and let us live our lives. 

  The Politicians are out of Touch – They need to get spending under control, and eliminate fraud and inefficiency in existing government programs.  We need to reform what the government is already doing, not spend more money we don’t have to solve theoretical problems on which even career scientists cannot agree.


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