Stimulus Spending: Ham, turkey, and outhouses for ALL!

Some examples of  the more than 3,000 projects, purchases, and grants made with stimulus money obtained through the Federal Procurement Data System,   (plus humorous comments added in red)

Let’s keep the American dream alive!

– $2.2 million to the Seneca Foods Corporation in Marion, NY for “fruit, canned;” the same company received another contract worth $196,797 also, for “fruit, canned”  (everyone loves canned fruit)

– $4.8 million for “frozen, sliced ham”  (mmm, ham)

– $5.3 million for “deli-style turkey breast” from the Jennie-O Turkey company

– $5.5 million in “canned fruit” from the Del Monte Corporation

– $16.8 million in “canned pork” from Lakeside Foods Inc

Among the many things that have been built with stimulus money so far are:

– $971,711.42 to “replace pond liners” at the Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery in Cole Harbor, N.D.  (we know that ND cant come up with the money themselves)

– $193,077 for a “double-vault toilet building” at the Hoyer Campground in Spokane, Wash.  (toilets are expensive, just ask NASA)

– $487,944 for “toilet buildings and vaults” in the Pike and San Isabel National Forests

– $254,000 for “pre-fabricated restroom facilities” in Atlanta, Ga.

– $17,110 in hotel bills at a Marriott Hotel in Arlington, Va., for the Employment Standards Administration’s annual “Prevailing Wage Conference.”   (which dont apply to hotel employees, of course)

– $1.8 million for the “renovation of Slate Hill Barn and Hay Shed” in Front Royal, Va. According to the database the money was requested by the Smithsonian Institution.

Other things the government has spent money on are:

– $326,304 for “roadside vegetation removal” in the Six Rivers National Forest in Eureka, Calif.  (if only they would spend some money on removing the vegetables sitting in Congress)

– $928,194.50 to nine different firms to provide an “increased level of effort for dtv [digital television] installation”   (gotta have my DTV!)

– $25.3 million for the National Institutes of Mental Health to study schizophrenia  (to aid members of congress directly)

– $65 million for NASA’s James Webb telescope project

– $20 million for “sediment removal” at the EPA’s Iron Mountain Mine Superfund site  (i/.e.-democratic excuses for the Stimulus)

– $6,066.18 to buy “three laptop computers” for the National Fish and Wildlife Service (because we all know that fish deserve equal access to the Internet)

– $4,250 for “short-term vehicle rental” from Enterprise Rent-A-Car in order to “run errands” in Kings Canyon National Park in King’s Canyon, Calif.  (A Lamourghini?)

– $840 to “disassemble” one desk and “properly reassemble and relocate” 2 other desks in Reston, Va.  (we know how hard THAT is)


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