Our visit to Rep. Elton Gallegly’s Office

When we went to Rep. Gallegly’s office, I was somewhat ready for battle, if you will. I actually had a couple of signs ready, along with a small flag, and knew that this was going to be good. How I actually met Carolyn Guillot of the Tea Party, the wonderful lady who put together this visit, was when I decided to write a letter to the Thousand Oaks Acorn [a local paper] opposing the whole thing about reporting your “water hogging” neighbors. The next issue, she wrote a letter somewhat in response, and I decided to write to her and ask if there were any Tea Party events I could join. She told me that we were going to visit Representative Gallegly’s office, opposing government-paid healthcare [they mean taxpayer-paid] and cap and trade. So I signed up and came to the event, and was very surprised that my letter had made such an impact. One man came up to me and said “You’re truly an inspiration.” I was shocked. “Uh, thank you.” I stammered. Another person came up and said “Your letter was great! I loved it!” I really didn’t know I’d have that effect!

When we were all done writing our letters, we went into the building and filled up the elevator, very excited. I had my letter clutched in one hand and our flag in another. The elevator doors opened and we walked out. “Oh, I’ve done this before, it’s fun.” said some of the group. One of them opened the door and we walked in. I looked around and saw that apparently, Mr. Gallegly had met some important people- there was a signed picture of him and former President [George] Bush shaking hands, another signed photo of him in Air Force One with Ronald Reagan [Lucky!], and a few others I didn’t get a chance to identify when a woman walked into the front room, where we were. Carolyn promptly walked up and said “We’re here to see Rep. Gallegly, please.” to which the woman replied “Oh, he’s in Washington right now.” “That’s what I figured- could you please give these letters to him?” she asked, and everyone, on cue, walked right up to her and gave her their letters. Then, Mary, one of the ladies in our group, said “We’re here to tell Mr. Gallegly to vote NO on government-paid healthcare, even a Republican healthcare plan, because that is still socialism.” I don’t exactly recall everything she said, but that was the main idea. The lady then said something like “Well, thanks for your time, I appreciate it”. And after some interesting discussion and chat, we headed home after a rather satisfying day’s event.

Written by Brit-El, 12 years old


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