Report on July 17 protests against government-run health care: Local, State, and National.

At Rep. Gallegly’s office were 11 people (2 were underage, but the precocious 12-year-old wrote the letter to Rep. Gallegly for her mother (she previously had been published in the Acorn, writing against neighbors being T.O. water police).  We all walked into the office together and were well received.  We all handed in a letter stating our position on govt-run health care (and many included a thank you for his voting NO on Cap & Trade).  Some said something orally about our grave concerns, to which the nice staffer responded by saying they had been receiving many calls on the issue.  (It is a very easy thing to do, for those of you who were reluctant to go and might be encouraged to join us next time.  Some in our group said nothing.)

See report on the event (attached) from Brit-El, the delightful 12-year old.

Nationwide the results are, so far:  612 offices visited, 25,000 participants, average 40 people per office, some more (as high as 400) and some less, and some had press coverage — “getting in 100 local papers is better than being on the evening news” said a Leader.

California: (from the state volunteer leader)
Without everyone reporting yet:

Overall I  have to say this was a huge success! Regardless of the crowd size, most protesters/constituents were able to make meaningful contact with the office staff of lawmakers. Never underestimate the impact of this kind of visibility! And we also gained media coverage for the first time in certain communities.

I also want to add that we learned a lot from this effort and will be working hard to firm up Tea Party coverage of Congressional and Assembly districts, so that we can focus our local efforts more precisely on lawmakers.

The Administration is on defense today (7/21), much in part to the hard work by Tea Party Patriots nationwide!!  They are scrambling to buy votes from moderates on both sides of the aisle. Please keep up the pressure!

2344 California protesters reported in so far!

More results to come…

    Los Angeles – 30 – Got a meeting with staff!
   San Diego – 100 – TV and print coverage. Blog summary here:
   Fresno – 150

    Sacramento – 80
   Fresno – 150
   San Diego – 100 – TV and print coverage. Blog summary here:
   Inland Empire/Apple Valley – 100 – media coverage

    Napa – 200
   Humboldt/Eureka – 150 – media coverage

    Chico – 80
   Redding – 40 – and then had 600 + for a Health care Tea Party that evening!
***Update out of Redding: Good news…the TANC (Transmission Agency of Northern California) project is dead thanks in part to “Stop TANC” and the Bostonian Tea Party affiliation.  The mounting pressure caused them to fold up their tent and defund the project.  We are still putting pressure on WAPA (Western Area Power Authority) to remove transmission line expansion in this region from their rolls or this may return is some differing form.

    Gold River – 5 – staff would not unlock or answer the door to the constituents.

    Marin/San Rafael – 20 – Organizers carefully planned for constituents to file into the office two-by-two to formally file their letters against H.R. 676…a process that occupied the staff for over an hour!
    Sonoma/Santa Rosa – 20

    San Francisco – 1

    Pleasanton – 125 – media coverage, great YouTube video by Bud Warner:
   Stockton – 16

    Palo Alto – 20? Media coverage:

    Campbell – 12 – the first 6 who arrived were able to speak with Honda’s aids for about an hour!

    San Jose – 12

    Fresno – 150
   Bakersfield – 20

    Atastcadero – 25 – good contact with the staff and one counter protester from Code Pink!
   Bakersfield – 20

    Santa Barbara – Organizers planned a call/fax in for this location due to local conditions. An unaffiliated 9-12 group sent members to protest at this location.
   San Luis Obispo – 20
   Port Hueneme – 10

    Thousand Oaks – 10

    Santa Clarita – 3 – there in support of his planned NO vote on H.R. 676. Staff spoke with the constituents for 15 minutes.

    San Fernando Valley/Sherman Oaks – 12

    Pasadena – 75 media coverage: & YouTube video of converstation with Mark Levin on the topic: & Daughter of Thunder (Tamara Colbert) and the Westside Town Crier (Michael J. Fell) on air with Kevin James Friday night:

    Los Angeles – 10

    El Segundo – 150 – plus a lengthy meeting with “blue dog” Harman prior to the protest regarding H.R. 676. It is believed that this meeting is impacting her position on the legislation for the better!
   Wilmington – 1

    Long Beach – 10

    Redlands – 50

    Brea – 2 – staff said Miller was supportive of Tea Party efforts on Health Care and will be voting NO on H.R.676.

    San Bernardino – 70

    Palm Springs – 150 – Temecula Tea Party Patriots drove over an hour to join the Tea Party Patriots Palm Springs for a spirited protest in 115 degree weather!! Well covered by local media!  Palm Springs also hosted a Health Care Town Hall the evening before that was a huge success…extra seating had to be added to accommodate all the unexpected attendees! Well covered by local media also.

    Huntington Beach – 2

SANCHEZ (Loretta)
    Garden Grove – 30 – Office remained locked by staff for much of the protest. After some coaxing, they finally allowed the constituents to filing into the office one-by-one.

    Newport Beach – 30

    Vista – 40 – Staff provided a donut and coffee reception and met with the constituents for a lengthy discussion. An appointment has been made for the organizer to meet with Issa in Sept.

    Solana Beach – 20

    Chula Vista – 8

    El Cajon – 8 – manager spoke to everyone as a group, shook hands and gave each several pocket Constitutions

Pismo Beach – 7 at local govt. building.


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