What is happening NOW!

Dear Tea Party Members,

I’ve been out of town and a lot has happened since I left on the Obamacare front. 

(After camping in beautiful Sequoia National Forest with my daughters and their families for over a week, which was delightful, my energy had been sapped.  I think it’s because of a sting or poisonous thorn — something went deep into my thigh on an early-morning hike and caused a gigantic swelling.  But the swelling is finally gone and I am back, in body and spirit, swinging!)

Here is a list of everything we know (so far) taking place during the all-important August Congressional Recess, with government-run healthcare on the table, threatening to change our country forever.

I hope you can all find at least one or two events to attend, because, I’m sure you will agree:  We can NOT taper off now — we need to BUILD our momentum and participation if we are to have the results we so urgently need to maintain the Republic our Founders sacrificed to provide for us.

TOWN HALLS — If you learn of a Town Hall, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  And if you know of people who live near any of these, please encourage them to attend.

  • Tues. 8/11, 7-8:30 p.m.Rep. Adam Schiff – Alhambra City Hall, Community Room, 101 S. First St., Alhambra 91801 (seating for 200-250 people).  This Town Hall, we have been advised, is OPEN TO EVERYONE (see details below)
  • Wed. 8/12, 6:30 p.m.Healthcare ForumThousand Oaks Library, 1401 E. Janss Road (seating for 225 people).  Hosted by Democratic Clubs.  Guest speakers, proponents of HR 676 and California Sen. Mark Leno’s healthcare bill, will discuss the issues and answer questions.  (See more details sent separately in my 8/6 email).  If you want to come, arrive before 6:00, dress casually, come individually or in pairs, be informed and firm with your questions.
  • Fri. 8/21, 10 .m. – Rep. Henry WaxmanUCLA, Korn Hall.  RSVP Suggested. (323-651-1040 — www.house.gov/waxman).  WARNING:  It may only be accessible to residents of the 30th CD.
  • (to be announced) – Rep. Xavier Becerra – telephone town hall, will post on web site (becerra.house.gov)


These are identical to the July 17 “Tea Parties” which took place across the country at approx. 612 Congressional offices, including over 25,000 participants (average 40 people per office, some more (as high as 400) and some less, and some had press coverage — “getting in 100 local papers is better than being on the evening news” said a Tea Party leader.

  • Fri. 8/14, noon-1 p.m. — visit local Congressional offices *(House & Senate) with letters addressed to a Congressperson opposing government-run healthcare or (if in a visible-to-the-street location) with signs to send a message to passers-by.  We will soon list those who are most likely to vote for a healthcare bill, to target them.
  • Fri. 8/28, noon-1 p.m. — (same as above)
  • Fri. 8/28 – Sacramento — “Tea Party Express” send off — bus caravan to the huge Washington, D.C. 9-12 Tea Party on Sept. 12 (a three-day event).  A minimum of 50,000 people are expected, with coalitions building to include California issues, to build to 100,000 in attendance.

* We will probably focus on those who haven’t decided how they will vote. 

We are considering organizing our own Town Hall in Thousand Oaks if we can find speakers and a venue.  Please ask your own medical professionals or insurance agents to see if they would be interested.  Also we would appreciate publicity suggestions.

Feel free to contact me with any other question or suggestion.



One Response to What is happening NOW!

  1. the4thhorseman says:

    I was at the Tea Party Express send-off today and it was great! I posted a bunch of photographs of just some of the great signs. Enjoy!


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