INFO for Wednesday’s (8/12) Healthcare Forum at the T.O. Library, 6:30 p.m.

1 — Arrive early (5:45 at the latest — there might be a line, or screening, we don’t know)

2 — Keep your questions:  max. 35-45 seconds.  Keep it to one point.  If someone asks your point ahead of you, be prepared to ask another point to ask instead.  Or, if you wish, make that point again, better.

3 — Keep your group small.  We don’t want to look like a large organized group.

Glenn Beck’s latest principles, which he wears on a chain around his neck, apply here:

  • Question with boldness.
  • Hold onto the truth.
  • Speak without fear.

I have attached the brief Healthcare Talking Points distributed in July for our CD Tea Parties on 7/17 .

Consider also what Republican Phyllis Schlafly said in her July newsletter about Obama’s Health Care Plan.  (Typed here in its entirety, including social issues, with which you may or may not agree.)   It is lengthy, but some of you may find it helpful.

* indicates what I deem the most important.  I have also added bold print and underlining for emphasis.


One Response to INFO for Wednesday’s (8/12) Healthcare Forum at the T.O. Library, 6:30 p.m.

  1. Patti says:

    The health care bill asproposed is worse that UK, Canada, France, because in those countries limited resources are rationed across the whole spectrum of the population. Obama’s plan indicates that he wants the focus to be on overcoming racial disparities. They will use RACE, AGE, GENDER, LOCATION IN THE U.S. and FINANCIAL STATUS as considerations for allocation of funds and care. This means that the limited resources will be targeted at historically underserved populations in poor, urban areas where minorities, ages 20 – 40, live and the largest part of health care money will be spent here. The bill also indicates that these factors should influence who gets scholarships to medical schools, who staffs hospitals, and who gets research grants. This is truly redistribution and social reengineering to “give the people on the bottom a chance” as Obama told Joe the Plumber. This is what socialism is, as it rejects the acceptance that there will always be a small number of people on the bottom in a capitalistic society. There will always be those who cannot work, won’t work, are too mentally or physically incapacitated to work, are on drugs, or like crime better than work. But a socialist feels it is unfair to leave those people on the bottom, and it is better that all have less than some have more than others. This is Obama, except, of course, like with government-run health care, he and his friends, are exempt because they are special.
    This is what is hidden in the bill and why he tried to pass it so quick. I work in “Population Care Management” but we use risk factors such as Diabetes, Hypertension, and Heart Disease to stratify risks and target populations for increased attention and prevention. A little different than Obama’s plan.

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