Tea Party Action this week

This week is a busy one, all of a sudden.  We mustn’t stop working on this.

Wed. 8/19, 7 p.m.
Simi Library, 2969 Tapo Canyon Road, Community Room
Simi Valley Democrats Hosting Healthcare Insurance Reform Debate

I don’t know how well organized it is.  Their notice says the public is welcome
and they want both sides heard from.  Ventura’s Carla Bonney says it is a
“Health care reform debate” and “The Speakers will be Chuck Rosen, past
president of the Ventura County chapter of the National Association of
Health Underwriters and Robert Hacker who is a regional director of
Providence Health and Services.  Joe Howry, editor and VP of the Star
will moderate.  The article says there will be an opportunity for questions
at the end of the event.  (Let’s hope they allow microphones this time).”
An early description appears here:

I will attend, along with our prize-winning blogger, Eric.*  We invite any medical providers
to speak, especially including those who spoke last Wednesday at the T.O. Library.

* Eric’s blog about last Wed.”beat out Dick Morris’ posting for number 1 on the national site.”

 “Obama supporter assaults three physicians protesting universal healthcare”

Saturday 8/22, 10-2 p.m.
Anti-government-run Healthcare demonstration
Los Robles Hospital
, 215 W. Janss Rd. (off Lynn Rd.). 
Be sure to bring a sign or two, with large, one-inch wide letters,
easy for passing cars to read.  Key message:
(Ventura is having a demonstration at the hospital on Loma Vista,
same time, to make it a regional event, and Simi Valley will join us.)

We continue working to organize our own Healthcare Town Hall in August,
but it is doubtful Rep. Gallegly or Sens. Boxer and Feinstein will come.
We have 6-7 doctors willing to speak, and would invite opposing points of
view to make it educational for all.  We are working on a venue in T.O.
Keep tuned…


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