Documantary film showing: “Not Evil Just Wrong”

Saturday, Nov. 21, 7:00 p.m.

Calvary Chapel, 2697 Lavery Ct., #10, Newbury Park 91320 (two blocks north of Hillcrest & Lawrence).

We don’t hear much in the news about Cap & Trade legislation, but it is looming over the horizon like a thief in the night.  It already passed in the House with a thin margin of 219-212 on June 26.  The Senate is next.  Watch out!

“The proposed law would radically change the relationship between commerce and the political class.  With political control over the allocation of energy resources, businesses and individuals would be dominated by politicians.  To survive, businessmen would have to “contribute” to campaigns of political bosses, giving the erstwhile extortionists increasingly large campaign war chests.  Opposition candidates need not apply.

“Political decisions about energy matters would be taken from those who have expertise in those fields and given to environmental advocates whose primary goal is not a vibrant, industrial economy and an increasing standard of living, but a return to the energy consumption rates of 1867.

“Business decisions, career decisions, household decisions – virtually every facet of our lives would be affected by the measure just passed in the House. Likewise our foreign relations, tariff considerations, and international commerce would be predicated on measures in the bill.” This is as described by Ed Hiserodt in The New American magazine.

To learn more about Cap & Trade legislation, both sides of the global warming (now called “Climate Change”) debate, and other environmental issues, do it the easy way:  Come see the new documentary film Not Evil Just Wrong, produced by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, when it is shown locally on Saturday, November 21, 7:00 p.m., at Calvary Chapel, 2697 Lavery Court, Suite 10, Newbury Park 91320. It is sponsored by Conejo Coalition for Responsible Government. For further information contact 805-262-2477 or


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