Where is the truth?


On November 21, we presented the film, Not Evil Just Wrong, to a wonderful crowd!! — well over 100 attended.  Calvary Chapel again was the perfect venue (as it was for our “Forum on Health Care” Oct.1).  Pastor Rob McCoy said a few words of welcome, followed by Denny Weinberg, again our M.C., asking us to formulate questions as we watched the film.  Afterwards he skillfully garnering two dozen unique questions and comments from our very attentive audience, which will be used by the film’s producers.

The film explores facts concerning global warming, Cap & Trade legislation, and the ramifications of following the “green” path.  In addition, a large segment of the movie showed the ravages of malaria in Africa, a disease that was almost eliminated by the use of DDT, but then resurged when the EPA banned DDT’s exportation.  Recently the World Health Organization, under much pressure from human rights organizations, rescinded its ban on the pesticide that has been shown in test after test to be harmless to humans and animals, including birds.  The environmentalists continue to push to overturn this ruling, regardless of its toll in human misery and death.  The film used this as another example of  the environmental movement’s disregard for the effect of their policies on the well-being of the human race.

Several people in our audience came up to me afterwards, saying they had no idea malaria was still such a problem.  This may be another reason you will want to see the film. (www.noteviljustwrong.com)

Here is a clip of the film:

It seems, at almost the exact hour we sat watching a film disproving Al Gore’s “hockey stick” graph and claims of polar bears and ice shelfs disappearing, the emails exposing scientists who falsified their reports made their way into the public eye.  Now called “Climate-gate,” it makes one laugh (if it weren’t so serious) that they thought they could mask signs of the earth cooling by changing their fear-evoking label “Global Warming” to “Climate Change.”


But way back in 1998, Canada’s Environment Minister Christine Stewart said (as quoted by the Calgary Herald): “No matter if the science is all phony, there are collateral environmental benefits…  Climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world.”

Similarly, consider the remarks of Tim Wirth, the former Colorado Democrat Congressman and Senator, who was Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs during the Clinton Administration and since 1998 has been president of the United Nations Foundation.  As a legislator, Wirth proclaimed:  “We’ve got to ride the global warming issue.  Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing, in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.”   (Excerpts from the New American magazine.)

T I C K   T O C K,   T I C K   T O C K  …BACK  TO  HEALTH CARE …

For every day that goes by without the passage of a health care bill, we become a day closer to re-election campaigns of those in Washington who disregard our voices.  In the Senate, every single Amendment can be Filibustered, which then needs a vote for Cloture before moving on to the next Amendment.  Senator Tom Coburn said months ago he had 200 amendments to propose. 🙂

And as more T R U T H is uncovered, it may cause more Legislators to fear facing their constituents in 2010.


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