Glenn Beck’s plan for 2010

I am VERY excited about this!!!  Beck has reserved the entire National Mall for August 28 for a RALLY.  We’ll meet at Abraham Lincoln’s feet.  It’s the last day the government will allow a rally there (“It’s too expensive” they say….)

Preceding the rally he’ll hold seven Regional Conferences, the first in Orlando, Florida, on March 23.  It will be a full day of classes, starting at 8 a.m.  He’s putting together a team of experts to teach us Economics, Business, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Debt, Healthcare — “everything” — including “Community Organizing”!!!

So be prepared:  Sometime between March 23 and August 28 will be a Regional Conference in “our region” (SoCal.?  Las Vegas?),
What is the goal?  To get some “TEETH” into our movement — our elected officials don’t listen to us anymore.  They know we don’t want healthcare but they pass it anyway, paying $300 million out in bribes with our TAX dollars!!!  (“teeth” = millions of educated people)


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