“Climate-gate” and my Letter to the T.O. Acorn

Climate-gate has elicited much excitement from us. “At last the manipulators of global warming data had been exposed, just in time for the Copenhagen summit,” we thought!  But from three excellent articles I just read about the conferencet, it appears not only has the mainstream media provided little coverage of the scam, Copenhagen wasn’t abuzz with the news either.  Surprised?

At least Climate-gate may have slowed down their steamroller.

On the subject of global warming, last week I waited anxiously to see my Letter to the Acorn in print, which set forth different and useful data about global warming costs.  But, alas, it was not in the Jan. 14 issue!  Why?  It “got lost in the shuffle” I was told.  Well, they’ve been kind to me in the past, so I will trust them.  And the good news is there is extra time for people to write a follow-up to my letter — and I hope you do! I have many more facts if you’d like some, and many appear in the articles I just read in a magazine — and more, I understand, at www.thenewamerican.com)

Here is my Letter to the T.O. Acorn for their January 28 issue:

In responding to my letter, Lisa Scott (Acorn Dec. 17) seems to assume that cap and trade legislation will stabilize oil prices, reduce our use of foreign oil, and lower global temperatures. She might consider these facts:  Under cap and trade, as emission allowances are reduced, the tradable allowances would become increasingly scarce, driving up their price, and thus forcing the smaller refineries either out of business or causing them to dramatically raise their prices to the wholesale petroleum market. Thomas P. Golembeski, a spokesman for Sunocco, stated, “In its current form, the legislation will likely increase the cost of domestic refining so much that it will be cheaper to import gasoline, diesel, and other products from overseas,” as opposed to refining crude oil here.

As for CO2 being a dangerous greenhouse gas, consider a recent report by MIT meteorologist Richard Lindzen. His 20-year experiment measured outgoing radiation from the Earth using a satellite specifically designed for that purpose. Contrary to the claim that CO2 is blocking thermal energy from escaping into space, thus making the Earth hotter, this satellite shows the warmer the Earth, the more radiation escapes.

Ed Hiserodt recently set forth in The New American magazine utility costs for a hypothetical four-person/two-car family under cap and trade. President Obama told us utility costs would “necessarily skyrocket,” but this study uses a less drastic Wikipedia figure of $100 per ton of CO2 for future carbon taxes. This family’s annual utilities would increase: $1,303 for gasoline, home heating from $866 to $1,385, and electricity (derived from coal) from $1,600 to $3,800. “And that doesn’t count the increase in price of virtually every consumer product the family buys, since all products have some degree of energy content,” said Hiserodt.

If rising gasoline prices was the catalyst that pricked the housing bubble, imagine the catastrophe if all utility costs were to rise under cap and trade!

Additional thoroughly-researched nonpartisan facts can be heard from Glenn Beck (FNC, 760 AM radio, and the Internet) who also welcomes any evidence proving him wrong.

Cap and trade should fade away with the falsehoods exposed under “Climate-gate.”


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