Scott Brown’s historic victory in Massachusetts!!!

Wasn’t Scott Brown’s victory glorious!!!  To hear all the comments and speculation is music to my ears!  Our job, of course, is to keep the momentum building, to bring similar victories all across the country, and hopefully right here at home.

On Monday’s nationwide Tea Party Organizers’ conference call, I learned that many Tea Party organizers and members were present at Scott Brown’s victory party and had helped in his campaign.  Also a great many of our own members donated money and made phone calls in the campaign.  You are wonderful!!!  I cannot see any other explanation for this victory than that Tea Parties have made THE difference!!

It seems appropriate to restate here the core values of Tea Party Patriots, the group to which we are affiliated:

  1. Constitutionally limited government
  2. Fiscal responsibility
  3. Free markets

These core values remind me of a conversation I had yesterday with two of our good members who thought Glenn Beck was unduly skeptical of Scott Brown by saying “When you get to Washington we are going to watch you like a hawk and all the people that serve in Washington with you.”  I explained to these members what many of you may not know:  that Scott Brown has voted in Massachusetts for many of the issues we oppose (e.g., government-run healthcare, cap & trade).  Also, according to Small Government News, Brown voted with the Massachusetts Teachers Unions over 94% of the time, and with the Democratic Majority in the legislature over 91% of the time.

Small Government News reported that many of their readers acknowledged their first report was correct, that Brown is not a small government candidate, but they would vote for him anyway, that “we’ve got to beat the Democrats — no matter what.”

Many important details of the Small Government News January 14 report “Part II Warning to Tea Party Activists: Republicans Concede We’re Right” can probably be found on line, so I’ll just finish by saying:

I agree with Glenn Beck, that we should keep a close watch on Scott Brown in Washington, and hopefully we can help him realize the folly of Big Government, how it destroys our freedom and the values upon which this great country was founded.


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