Tea Party being planned

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority; keen to set brush fires in people’s minds…”

–Samuel Adams–

T h r e e   w e e k s   f r o m   t o d a y ! ! !

1 – Tea Party – Sat,., Feb. 27 – noon-4:00 p.m. – Lynn Rd. & Hillcrest
This one is to commemorate the first anniversary of the 2009 Tea Parties.  Let’s be part of Samuel Adams’ “irate, tireless minority,” waving signs that say things to “set brush fires in people’s minds” (see quote above).

Please bring so many of your friends that we will spread to all four corners of this busy intersection.  We’ll begin in the northeast corner (north of The Oaks Mall parking lot) where there is a nice little park to accommodate your chairs under a big tree.  We were here on 9-12, as many of you will remember.  It is a wonderful location for a Tea Party!

We’ll have patriotic music and hope to find a non-political speaker.  If you know someone who can speak about the importance of keeping our momentum going and growing, please let me know.

Please bring signs.  We’ll have a few extra signs about issues to win us more supporters, but we need most of you to bring your own signs.

Here are some suggestions:

“Try Smaller Government for a CHANGE” (with the circle/pasture symbol)
“Try Responsible Government for a CHANGE”
“The other bill Congress should read: BILL OF RIGHTS”
“I Love My Country, and Wish Congress Did, Too!”
“Congress: Abide by the U.S. Constitution!”
“The Constitution Rocks!”
“Note to Congress: We’re a Democratic Republic. Represent Us!”
“$top Government Waste $$”
“Let’s Talk Real Health Care Reform–not more Federal Bureaucracy”
“President Obama: We’ve Heard You Speak; Now Hear US”
“Speaker Pelosi: STOP SPEAKING & Listen for Awhile!”
“Congress: Vote Against Spending or We Vote Against YOU”
“CLEAN THE HOUSE and the Senate
GO GREEN – Recycle Congress
SPENDING – Trickle-up poverty


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