T.O. Tea Party fervor undiluted: Rainfall fails to dampen spirits at protest rally near The Oaks

Ventura County Star
By Mike Harris
Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010

Waving American flags and carrying signs that read “Freedom Not Marxism” and “Take Back Our Country,” about 60 (neaerly 100 came and left during the four-hour rally – ed.) people braved the rain Saturday to attend an outdoor Tea Party rally in Thousand Oaks.

“What we have here are true patriots,” said rally organizer Carolyn Guillot, of the Thousand Oaks Tea Party, as she surveyed the demonstrators who lined the sidewalk at Lynn Road and Hillcrest Drive.  the corner protest was held from noon to 4 p.m.

“It was pouring rain for awhile, but people stuck it out,” Guillot said.  “What does that tell you?”

Taking its name from the anti-tax Boston Tea Party of the American Revolution, the modern anti-big government Tea Party movement has come to national prominence since election of Democratic President Barack Obama in 2008.  Many Tea Party members are highly critical of the Obama administration, though some criticize Republicans as well.

Saturday’s demonstrators identified themselves in interviews as political conservatives or independents.  Some of their signs read “Vote All Incumbents Out,” “Obama Lied, Paychecks Died,” “Go Green, Recycle Congress” and “Born Free, Taxed to Death.”

Many passing motorists honked their car horns in support, while a few gave them a thumbs-down gesture.

Loudspeakers blared politically conservative country music, including one song that promised Congress that “if you vote for Obamacare, we’ll vote you out of there.”

“Make no mistake, we are at war,” said one speaker, Dan McBride of Simi Valley. …  “It’s a war between freedom and tyranny.”

Mark Fornoff, 48, an electrical contractor from Thousand Oaks, said he attended the rally because “I feel like our country is being taken over by the federal government, specifically the White House.  We’re losing our freedoms.”


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