Thousand Oaks Patriots    T E A   P A R T Y

When:  Sunday, July 4, 2010 — 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Where:  Conejo Community Park, 1175 Hendrix Ave., T.O.

Patriotic Music!  Parade!  Non-partisan!
Bring signs, flags, a chair or blanket, drinking water & sun hat
Wear a costume, bring a drum or a fife, fitting of a parade!

Come early and bring a picnic!
Stay late and hear the 5:00 concert of patriotic & Americana music!

Peaceful attendees only!

Some sign suggestions — please keep in mind::
–Our audience:   people waiting to hear a patriotic concert
–Our goal:  to win them as supporters of our cause

Stop Government Spending
Cut Wasteful Programs
Stop Wasteful Spending
No More Taxes
No More Bailouts
Shrink the Deficit
Lower Taxes Means More Jobs
Repeal ObamaCare
Health Care Freedom
Save Our Sovereignty
Congress is Corrupt
We Want Honesty in Government
Elect Constitutionalists to Congress
Kick the Bums Out!
Vote all Incumbents Out
Clean the House — & Senate
Read the Constitution
Read the Bill Next Time
Higher Taxes Means Less Freedom
Freedom is Shrinking
Give me Liberty, not more Debt
Stop Passing Bills in Secret
Stop Global Climate Fraud
Audit the Federal Reserve


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