Exciting Events Oct. 28 and Nov. 5

When:  Thursday, Oct. 28 – 7:00 p.m. (come early for Meet & Greet)
Where:  Calvary Chapel, 2697 Lavery Court, Newbury Park 90230.


The CONSTITUTION TOUR BUS is stopping here!

Right here in River City — oops! —  Newbury Park!

The Pacific Justice Institute, consisting of 500 Constitutional attorneys who donate their time to do pro bono work all over California, are touring the state in their flashy bus to educate citizens about that amazing document that guarantees our freedoms, our U.S. Constitution.

  • Their sign-decorated bus will park in our parking lot as a Beacon to others!
  • They reach out to children and young peoplebe sure to bring them!
  • They are eloquent & dynamic speakers — bring your friends and neighbors!
  • Educate yourself on the Constitution — so you can teach others!
  • The program will last about an hour, with a 30-minute (or longer) Q&A.

When they stopped in

  • Simi Valley Saturday at the GOP HQ, our members said 100 people came!  “It was fantastic!” they said.
  • Chino Hills at Calvary Chapel Sunday after church, 500 people came, including David Barton from WallBuilders. (David Barton, a friend of Pastor Rob McCoy, has spoken at Calvary Chapel here.   We’ll let you know when he’s coming again)
  • Newbury Park at Calvary Chapel Thursday — how many can WE  pack into the sanctuary?

Their Speakers will be:

  • Brad Dacus, Attorney and  Founder of the Pacific Justice Institute
  • Rex Ruth,who has a Master’s degree in the Constitution and in Bible history. His website is www.bloodfireandfaith.com

Their program will include:

  • How the Constitution is not being followed
  • The Supreme Court is not governing under the Constitution’s guidelines.
  • The importance of getting back to the Constitution to restore our freedoms!

We are VERY fortunate they are stopping in our town and that Pastor Rob welcomes us to meet in his church!!!  After all, he speaks frequently from his pulpit about the Constitution and our freedoms being lost!

I hope you ALL can come!!!


And, don’t forget …

C o m i n g    u p    s o o n . . .

Friday, Nov. 5
Kitty Werthmann:  “COULD IT HAPPEN HERE?”

Kitty Werthmann was a guest on Glenn Beck’s show 1-2 weeks ago. She told briefly of her life under Hitler while she was a teen growing up in Austria.

Kitty is coming all the way from South Dakota to speak to us and only a few other groups. We are indeed fortunate to have her right here in our own community — we don’t have to travel to L.A. or Orange County to hear her!

Kitty has a talent for telling her story to make you feel as if you were right there with her. She will tell you how Austrians voted for Hitler because he was doing wonderful things in Germany after the war. He would do the same for Austria, they were sure!  They were jubilant!

Hitler began giving skis to kids and motorcycles to young men to win their favor. Everyone loved him! But soon they saw strings attached to the gifts, and changes taking place in their schools and churches. Joy changed to caution and concern as they saw their freedoms disappear, one by one. “Totalitarianism didn’t come quickly. It took five years, from 1938 until 1943 to establish a total dictatorship in Austria. We finally realized we had been had. Had it happened overnight, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath. The whole concept sounds almost unbelievable that the state succeeded in little by little eroding our liberties.”

Come hear all the details.
See if you can identify anything that sounds similar to what’s happening in America.
OSHA perhaps? The EPA? Your child’s school?

Bring your friends and neighbors!
We have a large, comfortable room to hear Kitty’s story.

Q&A to follow.

When:  Friday, Nov. 5 – 7:00 p.m.
Where:  Calvary Chapel, 2697 Lavery Ct., Sanctuary, Newbury Park, 91320

Hope to see you at these don’t-miss events!


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