No Smart Meters & No DREAM Act in CA

Newsletter of Nov. 3, 2011

This is a short newsletter — just 2 Action items.
Both are critical for ALL OF US to do.

With OWS in the media daily, people are asking “Where is the Tea Party?”

These Action items accomplish much more than waving signs on street corners.

And time is short!!!

Please respond to this email to let me know what you will do.

Then we can tell everyone how active and important
the Tea Party Movement is in our part of California.
That we WILL make a difference!!!


Action Item 1:

Patriots nationwide are taking action to stop the installation of Smart Meters.

Why?  Because they are concerned about risks to their health and the environment, and about privacy and control of personal energy usage.  The PUC is currently deciding the fate of an “Opt-Out” potential.  To date, there is NO opt-out.  Thousand Oaks is scheduled for Smart Meter installation in the second quarter of 2012!!!  Therefore,
it behooves us all to call or write City Council to “opt out” of this program, which other cities, counties and states have already done.

–Call City Council at 805-449-2121 or write them at   They need to hear from massive numbers of us for them to take our request seriously.  Ask them to take a stand in protecting residents’ health, safety and privacy by writing a letter to the CPUC asking for an opt-out of the wireless Smart Meter program and instead provide a safe, wired meter.

–After that, call SCE at 800-810-2369 to get on their “Delay Installation List.”  They’ll ask you to write a note to put on your meter saying “I have requested to be on the Delay List.  Don’t install a Smart Meter.”  They will send you a yellow tag to put on your meter that says the same thing .

–Connie Hudson (who spoke to us at our Sept. 15 Tea Party meeting) said about the Press Release below:  “Hoping to hear Edison will be doing it too, soon.”  Connie says we must alert more people to the urgent need to call SCE to opt-out.  Door hangers are being made that contain instructions and the opt-out phone number.  When they are ready she needs volunteers to hang them on doors in neighborhoods near where you live.  Please let me know if you will help.


Action Item 2:

From California TeaPartyPatriots:


Tim Donnelly (Calif. Assemblyman) was on the John & Ken Show to announce that the Referendum to repeal the DREAM Act has been approved by the Secretary of State.  Petitions are being printed and will be available for signature gatherers (all of us) starting Tuesday, Nov. 1.

We need 505,000 valid signatures by Jan. 5.  That sounds like a lot and it is, but 7000 Californians have already signed up to collect signatures at

If everyone collects 100 signatures, we will hit our goal easily and this repeal will goon the Nov 2012 ballot, 2 months before Jerry Brown’s Nightmare law would take effect.

Keep in mind, 80-90% of Californians were and are against giving tens of millions of scarce tax dollars to adult ILLEGAL aliens in the form of public grants to attend college.  This is above and beyond the in-state tuition that illegal aliens already get.  That means there are at least 15 million Californians who will want to sign this petition.  Easy picken’s!

We will start collecting signatures this week out in front of grocery stores, Walmarts, Lowes, and other large stores and shopping centers.  If everyone reading this email collects 100 signatures, we win and We the People will send Brown and his corrupt political amigos a message they will never forget:   DON’T TREAD ON US!

*        *         *         *         *

Please respond to this email to …
Let me know if you will help get signatures to stop the DREAM Act.

Would you like to get signatures outside
Whole Foods?
Trader Joe’s?
Another location?


Our regular meetings:

Please calendar2nd & 3rd Thursdays of the month.

Nov. 10Book Club: The Creature From Jekyll Island.  Our own Mary N. will lead our discussion this month, outlining each chapter in Sec. 4, to analyze the thesis of each.  7:00 to 9:00 p.m. – Calvary Chapel–Newbury Park.

Nov. 17
Video/Speaker ClubBreach of Trust:  How Washington Turns Outsiders Into Insiders – author (now Senator) Tom Coburn speaks to CSPAN’s Brian Lamb about his six years in the House of Representatives after the Contract With America brought the GOP a welcome majority. (2003).  Important Tea Party lessons here for choosing candidates in Election 2012.

    Tom A. Coburn, a congressional maverick who kept his promise to serve three terms and then leave Washington, offers a candid look at the inner workings of Congress-why the system changes politicians instead of vice versa. Breach of Trust shows readers, through shocking behind-the-scenes stories, why Washington resists the reform our country desperately needs and how they can make wise, informed decisions about current and future political issues and candidates. This honest and critical look at “business as usual” in Congress reveals how and why elected representatives are quickly seduced into becoming career politicians who won’t push for change. Along the way, Coburn offers readers realistic ideas for how to make a difference.


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