Health Care Talking Points

July 17, 2009

Spending, Spending, Spending: 

 The current administration has spent trillions of dollars so far and we are setting new records for debt every day. Spending in 2009 has increased in excess of 25%, which is the largest non-war government expansion since the New Deal.  Government Healthcare is a multi-trillion dollar program, which will crush an already embattled private sector economy, while government continues to grow.

 Medicare is Government Healthcare – Take a look at all the fraud and waste!  Do you really want this?

 An estimated $68 BILLION in FRAUD every year – a shining and undeniable example of government incompetence in handling the nation’s healthcare system.  The system is currently insolvent, and is projected to be completely bankrupt in seven years.  Who will pay for THAT bail out?  You know who…you will.                         

 The Proposed Government Takeover of the Health Care Industry:

 Independent projections tell us that:

   – As many as 119 million Americans could lose the coverage they have today if a government plan is introduced. Employers would be incentivized to drop private coverage, regardless of individual preferences in the matter.

 – Bureaucrats and politicians, not families, will control health care choices and decisions.   The horror stories of long waits and denied treatment in countries with government health care systems cannot be denied.  Government health care doesn’t work.

 – Even the White House says the President’s rhetoric shouldn’t be taken “literally” when he promises you won’t lose your current plan.  They understand private insurers will be incentivized out of markets which will no longer be “free.”

 The Politicians are out of Touch – They need to get spending under control, and eliminate fraud and inefficiency in existing government programs.  We need to reform what we are doing, not spend more money we don’t have.