The Reason We Fight!

Over 230 years ago, our forefathers fought back against high taxes and government intrusion in their lives.  They wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to protect future generations from the same kind of tyranny.  Remember, freedom is never free, and there comes a time when citizens have to stand and demand their God-given rights.

Here is something to keep in mind…

obama deficit

And dont forget this one

CBO budget estimates

CBO budget estimates

And one for the jobs saved or created



Let’s take our country back!


2 Responses to The Reason We Fight!

  1. Libby Stolper says:

    How can I find out about participating in the April 15th Tea Party

  2. William Buol says:

    I read in the Ventura Star that there is a teaparty gathering on April 15th. I want to attend what time is it scheduled for. Also please advise me of any other upcoming ones in this area. i live in Moorpark.\
    Thank you Bill Buol

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